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Friday, August 24, 2012

GENCON 2012 - Day 2

so I woke up around 9ish to start my 2nd day. A whee bit of headache as I slept late so I made sure I did not sleep as late today. I still have not bought anything from the first day yet as what I really wanted was not available and I was being very selective in what I am getting due to the cabin luggage space.

Lets see the pictures!

3V3 - Light card game where all you need to do is select
3 cards from your hand and arrange them such that 1 card
is your main character and can activate its action, 1 card you
only use the ATTACK points and the last card you only use
the DEFENSE points. Each player then reveal the selected cards
and resolve. The first player to win 10 battles will win the game.
Quite fun especially since you can create your own decks as well.
LINEAR - Preview of a game from Catalyst game labs. Abstract
game that involves trying to form the longest lines as you can.
Easy to play light game. Abstract games are not my cup of
tea though. Playing on the AWESOME game table is really
VILLAGERS and VILLANS - Light card game where you are
trying to create a village that scores the most points after a
certain number of rounds. There's a market where you can
buy more cards for your village. Interesting art.
TREASURES & TRAPS - Another light card game from the same company.
All you need to do is to keep the 3 different types of treasures.
Bronze, Silver and Gold and you win. Now its not
that simple as you have cards where you can still your
opponent's treasures.
D6 Generation's Play by mob! We played Geof's Space Cadets and
our ship won! Though our ship was rather quiet most of
the time.
SHEEPLAND - one of the games I was looking out for. Just
arrived at the stall today. Light game that involves trying
to move those sheep into lands that you have a vested
interest in. The other lady at the demo with me mentioned
its just like a stocks game but in a lighter theme which is
true. Not bad and I think with a cut throat group it will be
quite fun.
DUST TACTICS - The models are AWESOME! So nice and detailed.
Will make for good painting projects as well. Gameplay is
light and easy. Just move and see if you can shoot and
roll dice to see if hit. This is the lighter version of DUST
WARFARE using the same models. So in a way, its like
2 games for the price of 1! This will be fun to get
but without terrain and all, it will be only half as fun.
In your face! BOOMZ!
ZOMBICIDE - Intro game. Have heard a lot of this and I
was lucky to get to try this.
ZOMBICIDE - We massacred the zombies but
I am not sure if we played it correctly.
Day 2 I got into the groove of gencon and I went around trying demos and seeing what will interest me and make it to my buy list. There is a LOT of walking involved because you are walking from booth to booth hoping to get a spot for demo. I could have saved myself a lot of effort i guess by purchasing tickets for demo but its USD2 per ticket and some demos cost even more. Still I had a lot of exercising done with the walking and I did not eat a lot so I think I lost some weight :P

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