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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

GENCON 2012 - Day 3

On to day 3!
wow...  now there's like a head and stuff. I wonder if he is
getting light headed!
Cardhalla is looking impressive!
Monuments - Demo from Mayfair games. Light-Medium set
collection game. Theme is quite pasted on. Still its not a bad
little game.
Ragami was available on sale at Trolls and Toads booth exclusively.
Urbania - Latest release from Mayfair games. Very nice components
and a Light-Medium game. Someone on BGG mentioned its
like Ticket to Ride which is true. I bought a copy on the last
We did not finish the game and this is how
it looks like about 1/3 way into the game
Catan Junior - Another demo from Mayfair games. It is a rather
light version of Catan but i think this might be a better
intro for non-gamers to the gaming world rather than Catan.
Oh i won the game :P
Empire Builder - Train game using Crayons for rails! I was
intrigued by this and wanted to give it a go. I did get a copy
in the end and lets see how it goes with my gaming group.
It is a medium weight game with the novelty of the crayons.
Only 1 play though and we did not really play the full game
so I will post a review later on.
LEVEL 7 - Supposedly a better version of Panic Station. Actually
its a co-op game (until the very end) where players have
to work together to try to escape this facility. Nice components
but the standees are kinda odd in this age of miniatures.
Hope to give it a proper game though.
Oh and you get to kinda customize your characters which
is quite cool.
LEGION - Demo from Fantasy Flight games. Its a modified
version of Talisman. It is still very similar to Talisman except
its now 4 players and using dials to keep track of stats. This is
not the final version but I suspect it will be great. If i can sell
my existing talisman then I will get this as a replacement.
Another snapshot of the board. Not production copy btw!
Jack Sparrow in the house! Its pretty amazing
watching him as he nailed the mannerisms and
quirks and traits down pat. Very good!
CITY HALL - Upcoming game from a new designer
who is a friend of Gil whom I met in NYC who is
the designer of Prolix. Nice Medium-Heavy game
and involves role selection and area control
sort of... Will be in Kickstarter in End 2012.
OMG what an awesome board to play Twilight Imperium 3 on!
Not sure what they are playing but 3 of them can't be good news!
ZPOCALYPSE - Another zombie theme game
that is coming out very soon! Seems quite
a lengthy game and you control squads rather
than just 1 person.
So can a Space Marine defeat a Sandworm?
Awesome paint job and all! So inspired
as my own copy is still getting painted
back in Singapore. Hmm...
Puppet Wars miniatures. Looks awesome. I think they only
had a wash to them but looks so good!
Chicken Caesar! Graphics looks minimalistic though.
Not sure about the game play and all.
GOD DICE - I took part in the Tournament
even though I have never played. Its a light game
with a lot of luck as you select a character
and roll dice to decide on your final combination
which will trigger action based on your character
chosen. Best thing about this was I got to play
with the designer/publisher and chat about his
process and basically have a good time. It got
quite draggy though with more than 2 players.
Won a copy! so yay!
Epic Finale when the designer killed off 2 of us to win his
own trophy! AHhahaha...
FLEET - Met the designer and got a look
at the game. Check out the little blue
fisheeples! Did not manage to get
a demo in.
So day 3 was a lot of Mayfair demos as I tried to get the ribbons in. It is a rather ingenious marketing technique as they got players to stay around their booths and play their games which in turn translate into sales for them. I did not immediately buy any yet as I was waiting for tomorrow the final day when Mayfair has their massive giveaway to see if I won anything. I ended the night playing 2 rounds of Werewolves where I was the Seer and the Wolf and had a LOT of fun!

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