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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Heading to GENCON 2012 soon!

hi all! In a couple of hours I will be heading to Gencon 2012! I am so excited :P

What are some of the games I am interested in?

I have been playing this on so I have gotten quite a good grasp of the game. It looks fantastic and plays really well! It has a nice drafting element for the advanced level games, good looking components and dice to add a good dose of randomness to the mix. I highly recommend this and will definitely get my copy at the convention.

Speaking of which, you can enter a contest on BGG now for your own copy of Seasons!

I recently purchased this and while I haven't logged in a play with Wifey yet but I will before I leave USA. I will be at the booth to collect the remainder of my extra pieces (the walking sticks). The designer/self-publisher is a very nice person that responds quite swiftly if you have any questions. Oh he is also very eloquent (go look for his video interview by BGG) too! Go support this product and his company!

Tsuro of the Seas
I have Tsuro and it is a fun light game that can cater for a lot of people. I will be interested to see if Tsuro of the Seas can cater for the same amount of people but perhaps with a little bit more complexity.

This is a kickstarter that recently shipped out to the supporters. Already there are initial plays and pictures on BGG and all are positive so far. I am looking out for a good zombie game but so far haven't found it yet. This is a co-op though and I am not particularly fond of co-ops. Still I hope I will get a play in and then decide for myself how it goes.

Rolling Freight
A train game that has dice? Interesting. I would like to take a look at this first to see if it can scratch my train game itch before I decide to dive into 18xx. It is highly recommended by Tom Vasel but I am not always in agreement with his recommendations so lets see how this goes.

Ah.... the miniatures game about flying airships. Reminds me of a supped up version of Wings of Glory but with dice involved. Or a better Battleship Galaxies. I certainly hope to grab a play of this and see how it is. But the box is so big so unless I am buying nothing else on this trip, unlikely I will be bringing this with me home.

Game about herding your sheep lol.... Pity there will only be demo at Gencon and not available for purchase. But its good to have a try at this first and see how it goes. I am drawn to the cute....sheep.... Don't judge me!

A game that combines Talisman and Warhammer40k? Ooooo very intriguing for me. I am not sure why I have this fascination with Warhammer universe (I LOVED Chaos in the old world btw) but this will be very attractive to me! Hope to get a demo in on this.

Merchants of Venus
I think this is one of the most highly anticipated titles of 2012. I have heard rumours that FFG will be releasing this at GENCON! I sure hope so then I can snag a copy (hopefully!) :p :P

so that's about it! Time to have some breakfast before the service to airport arrives!

WooT WooT!

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