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Thursday, August 23, 2012

GENCON 2012 - Day 0

So in this Day 0 of my GENCON adventure blog post, I will link the many many pictures I have taken as well as a short description of each. In my next post, I will share my insights, thoughts, feelings etc of my experience.
Here we go!

Day 0

True Dungeon - I did not want to try it this year but
perhaps in the future I will. Seems like a lot of fun!
GENCON loot! There were quite a lot of loot
there. GEEKNATIONTOURS supplied us
with a cap each so I am good after that. These merchandise
are kinda pricey though.
Mechwarrior booths. I originally did want to go for these but
I waited near the end on Sunday and by noon they were all
sold out! So all my Generic tickets were cashed into credit
and I hope to be back next year to use them!
GEEKNATIONTOURS Dinner - Met so many interesting people.  D6 Generation
where we got to ask questions. I have always wondered if
anyone kept score on Craig's Rapid Fire section and he
says the guests will always remember. We also met up with
Steven from Stronghold games, Geof Engelstein and Eric from Wyrd Miniatures.
2nd loot of the night. Evil Baby Orphanage.
Fun light game where players try to amass 10
points worth of Evil Babies (i.e. Baby Hitler etc)
to win the game. The bonus was getting to play
the game with the designer as he shared a lot
of the design process that finally produced the
copy we saw before us. Very enlightening experience!
Another bonus was being able to play the game with the D6 Generation, Geof
and fellow GEEKNATIONTOUR members!

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