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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Gencon 2012 - Wednesday

So I arrived today and my first surprise was being fetched to my hotel in a stretched limo! Though I wasn't alone but it was way cool to travel in style lol.
Hotel is great. I realized there is a benefit to staying alone so it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. It's also so cool that the hotel (and indeed a lot of the places in Indianapolis) are so receptive to gencon and accommodate us. Many gamers can be seen playing games at the hotel lobbies and various empty areas and there is no hostility from the hotel management at all.
After checking in, I walked around the convention center and it is HUGE! Like OMG huge. I cannot wait to see all of us geeks at the opening to the dealer halls tomorrow.
First game I sat in was star fleet battle force. It looks like a pretty quick game involving ships and playing of cards. Reminds me of that spaceship card game I played recently. While the star trek theme intrigues me, I doubt I will get it though. Plays up to 6 and plays quick.
After that I got to walking somemore before the welcome dinner and met up with Tom vasel of the dicetower podcast. Boy is he tall! At least 1 head taller than me! Got to talking with him and then met up with Eric summerer, Cody jones and John from the now defunct Game on with Cody and John. It was so cool and quite amusing to actually see them in real life and hear those voices in my head (via podcasts) in real life as well. I am offering to help them and I will do so via taking pictures for Tom.
Dinner was kinda cool as the organizer of gencon was on hand to answer our questions. Bummer I don't have my badge and tickets yet so I hope I will get it by tomorrow before the vendor halls are open! Then we met with owner of stronghold games and also Eric from Wyrd miniatures. Manage to snag 2 goodies from Eric! After that the d6g crew was there to chat and answer questions.
After dinner, the group headed outside to play a game called Evil Baby Orphanage which is the latest kickstarter game from Wyrd miniatures which I just got. It is quite fun but I think a group of 4-6 will be a good size to play. We were 8 while the novelty was amusing, it dragged on a little too long after a while. Can't wait to try it back in Singapore! Also the evil babies are so intriguing that now I want to find out the background.
After that I walked around the hotel a bit more and there were still many groups of gamers playing all over! I decided to walk over to the convention centre again to meet with Joel who is commonly known as eekamouse that reviews boardgames as well. Saw Lance (known as undeadviking) chatting with tom and sat in and listened to them talk shop. Ryan (also from the network) joined in a little later.
Everyone decides to turn in after a while as its the first day of gencon tomorrow and it's going to be a long day! But man it will be exciting!
I heard there is some game that fantasy flight is keep user wraps and no one know what it is yet! I can't wait!!
Ok time to zzz... Night everyone!

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