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Friday, August 24, 2012

GEONCON 2012 - Day 1 Part 2

So many pictures, I had to break it up into 2 posts. Here we go!

Day 1 Part 2
The tables are EXCELLENT. Someone get me this so I can start
to play miniatures :P
GIANT CITY OF HORRORS - I am still looking for that
ultimate zombie game though. Zombicide seems to be almost
there but there is no cut throat element that i would like to
SEASONS - Something I REALLY REALLY wanted to get
but it was sold out so fast! I even approached the publisher
to purchase his demo copy but no can do :( Its a really good
game and I HIGHLY recommend it!
WoW they buy MTG cards here! If I knew
i would have brought my MTG cards and sell
it all here and clear space :)
GIANT TICKET TO RIDE - The train pieces are big and made
of wood!
Tshirt selling at TWO LANTERN GAMES. Their only
game, MORELS, seems to be very fun. I
will be getting the wifey to play this with me
before I fly back.
Freebie Goblin Miniature from Forgeworld.
The detail and quality is amazing. Now I
know why people pay a premium.
Expansion for SUPER DUNGEON EXPLORE. All painted up
and pretty! Wow... I have a LONG ways to go before
I can do something like this!
Close up of the painted pieces.
Unpainted figures which you get. Each box (there are 2 new
expansions) cost USD30 each! So expensive :(
Other miniatures from Soda Pop Miniatures
LEVIATHANS - Not actual size. These are just for display
but if they made them this size, the battles will be so EPIC!
LEVIATHANS - Demo table which is almost ALWAYS full!
I am very tempted to get this but I hope it doesn't flop like
Battleship Galaxies.
ROLLING FREIGHT - Interesting train game
involving unique dice. The components are
fairly good but the cards are awfully small. Even
hobbits will complain that it is small!
All the rubber duckies you can buy for DUCK DUCK GO. So
MICE & MYSTICS - Co-op Adventure game newly
released from Plaid Hat Games. Seems fun with
good components. Not a fan of Co-op games though.
NETRUNNER - FFG's latest release that was snapped
up on the first day. Not sure if I am up for it
though. Lets hope someone else in my
group will get it :)
XWING - FFG's other latest release. Reminds me a lot of Wings
of War. I was a bit hesitant on it but now that the Falcon will
be coming out end of the year, I will definitely get this. Lets
see if I can round up a few Star Wars fans and play this. No
epic space map / Death Star terrain to play on though so sorry!
Ok this game will allow for many cinematic shots. Though
this will require purchasing more "expansion" sets...
Death Star space map. So COOL..
New cover art for CHAOS IN THE OLD WORLD. Very very
good game. If you haven't try it, please go try it!
RELIC - FFG's other other new release which will be out by
end of the year. It is essentially Warhammer 40k retheming of
Talisman. I played the demo and it is really just a retheming.
Probably with better components and dials and all. May not get it
though since I already have Talisman.
UGG-TECT - FFG's remake of Argh!tect which I
already have. Components look the same.
Very fun party game.
This will be a very good playmat. I have not
even played my copy yet! But perhaps this
playmat will help  bring it out to the table.
Ah.... another playmat that should be produced.
I am eager to play this with all the expansions
which I recently purchased.
DUST WARFARE - I have a demo for DUST TACTICS.
Been hearing a lot about this and how its the new
hotness back in Singapore so I've been wanting to
try it just for the heck of it.
AZTLAN - Ares games upcoming release. Its a area control game
which reminds me of Small Worlds. Components are
really nice looking (except for the really small scoring
marker). Otherwise, its a Light-Medium Euro game.
the Fire meeples. Again Co-op game so not
in my buy list.
LEVEL 7 - Supposedly a better version of Panic Station.
My group had a lot of issues with Panic Station so I was
eager to try this out and see. Well I think thematically it
appears to be stronger. Components wise are better as well.
So far I have heard the game is really difficult and its a
maybe for me on the buy list.
MILESTONES - Fun Medium weight EURO game. This copy
was borrowed from Steven from Stronghold games and we
manage to go to the gaming library room to play it with Eric Summerer
as well. Quite a fun game with interesting mechanisms. We each
have individual "rondels" as well to manage and make efficient.
SPACE CADETS - Almost the final production copy. It combines
a lot of mechanics from different games into 1 single game.
Co-op definitely and will require the right group to play.
I find the cards that may arise from getting damage makes the game
quite fun. Perhaps there should be an EVENTS card deck that will
be drawn every turn so as to have some randomness should
the ship be flying too smoothly.
LEGACY - New game released at GENCON. Involves moving through time
to start inventions and then make sure you have
sufficient influence to score the points at the end of each
round. Light-Medium game but one that I will not get.
Scoring is a bit hard to do because you need to track back
and give score to preceding supporting technologies for
players that have majority influence for that.
So that's the end of Day 1. I stayed in the gaming library room way too late (almost 3am) and while walking back to the hotel, there were still scattered groups of people playing werewolf! I had no idea it was SUCH a popular game here! Oh and sleeping at 3am was not a good thing as I had a slight headache the next morning :P

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