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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Speaking of reviews...

I have only recently started writing reviews of the boardgames I've played. I would ultimately love to be receiving review copies to review so if anyone is interested to send me review copies, do let me know!

Here are the links to the reviews I have done so far:
Light hearted game, good for party-like group or after a day of heavy gaming. Average for me.

Light game but provides a rather deep strategy aspect. A lot of opportunities to sabotage each other. Must buy for me!

Light game with awesome components. Who can resist such a cute Panda figure? Good for me.

3rd in the Dixit series involving creative thinking and great for big groups and parties. But very much dependent on the group. Average for me.

Game with varying degrees of difficulty and the expansions allow up to 8 players! But many players can mean the game will drag on. With so many alien races to choose from, replayability is high. Good for me.

Game by the creators of Magic the Gathering! Dice rolling, push your luck, light game that is quite fun but because of its lightness is intended more as a filler than anything. Average for me.

Beautiful artwork and easy to play and teach. The expansion is a must for seasoned gamers as it adds an additional element to the base game. Great for a short game session that does make the brain think a bit more than your normal fillers. Good for me.

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