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Monday, April 23, 2012


I am very perplexed at the state of my deliveries from overseas.
I have a batch of orders from a german site that seems to have found its way to, you will so laugh, PARAGUAY. Why is it there? I have no idea and neither does DHL.DE. Worse, it is marked as delivered. The german site is now trying to find out for me whats wrong but it seems other than raising a request, that is all they can do. Now i have to wait.
Next, I have another batch of orders from Holland that is already in Singapore. But it seems that the delivery courier that Speedpost has engaged has delivered it to the WRONG address! So now they have to raise another request to retrieve my package and then deliver to me. How can it be a wrong address? Worse, who on earth accepts a package not intended for you? Shouldn't you have checked it first before accepting? Also were you expecting a package then had it mixed up with mine? HUH?
Surprisingly, the orders I had placed (sites from USA) after these 2 arrived first. I am quite flabbergasted at the outcome of all this and I am sensing a pattern here... hmmm.....

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