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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Boardgaming podcasts

To entertain me when I am driving or my journey to office, I often listen to podcasts. Right now my podcasts cover only 2 main topics: Computer gaming and of course Boardgaming. Computer gaming wise I listen only to IGN's family of podcasts (Beyond, Game Scoop and Knockin' Boots). Boardgaming wise I listen to much more. Namely:

The D6 Generation - Awesome podcast with very entertaining hosts. My opinions on the games they review don't often coincide though.

The Dice Tower - Another very entertaining podcast with a lot of reviews as well. Still my opinions on the games they review are usually different.

Gamers with Jobs - Conference Call - Mostly on video gaming but recently they started to talk about boardgames.

How To Play Podcast - Very good podcast on how to play games. Sometimes I wonder if I can just play this so that my fellow gamers can understand how to play the game instead of me explaining :P

The Little Metal Dog Show - Podcast from the UK. He uses adjectives to great effect. I feel a bit... overwhelming sometimes.

Ludology - A good indepth discussion podcast on the technicality of boardgames like mechanisms and psychology.

Myriad Game Presentations - A set of different types of podcasts from session reports to reviews from the good folks at Myriad Games.

On Board Games - Interesting and funny podcast. I wish Scott Nicholson will be back more often! :P

The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast - Very good production value podcast and quite entertaining to listen to as well. Again my opinions on the games they like differ (I am sensing a trend here....)

I found this site which gives information on boardgaming podcasts. If you are interested do check it out here!

Which Podcasts do you listen to? Any other recommendations for me?

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