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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Check out these inserts!

So after playing Big City that my friend had, I decided to get one copy for myself. After scouring high and low, I was pointed to a nice shop in Holland that had copies (In Dutch) left! I finally received them today (there is some drama behind this but I will spare you the details) and got to crack the box open. 
Lo and behold, what do I see? The components stored in very very nice inserts. Take a look:

The Businesses, Shopping centers, Post offices, Banks and Player markers

The residences, Parks and Street cars

Businesses, Churches, Factories and estate cards

Simply awesome. I have never really seen inserts this good before and they lay out all the buildings in a very neat manner. Unfortunately though the inserts are quite tight so during game play they will wear off after a lot of plays (from taking out and putting back in). So I have kept them aside and repackaged everything into card sleeves and little baggies. Very good production value I must say!
When Lords of Waterdeep arrives I will take some pictures as well as I have heard it is awesome too!

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