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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lunch Time Boardgame: 19 April 2012

For today's lunch time boardgame, we tried Last Will. This is a kickstarter game that my colleague got and was pretty excited about. In her words, there is not a game where the objective is to lose money so that and the components were what drew her to it.
I must admit I was not too good at teaching, having only played once but I think all of us got the hang of it halfway through the game.
We did not manage to finish it though as halfway through took us about 1 hour (about 15 minutes of setup and explaining I reckon...). I think with a few more plays, we will be more experienced and have a better grasp at what we need to do.
I played this with 5 previously and now playing with 4 i think that is the sweet spot for this game. Lets see if we will get to play more of it in the future. For now though, components look good. Very nice art on the cards. There are a lot of little wooden bits which I am not sure if they are necessary and some of them aren't too obvious at first (the little circles to represent Chef, Dog, Horse and Lady) and I especially do not like the little House token used to mark a property's depreciation value. Very often one can forget about this portion during the game.
Still its a interesting game and I would say its a medium euro style game without much direct conflict except when choosing the sequence of play during the planning phase and when choosing where on the board to send your "minions".

Initial Impression: Average

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