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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lunch Time Boardgame: 17 April 2012

Quarriors! That's what we played today during lunch. We played 4 players, 3 being new to the game. I have played it twice i think. We played with the following variants:
- Players can buy up to 2 dice per turn
- No dragons
Its not too bad i think. Components wise is very awesome as there are so many many many pretty dice. Love them. Gameplay wise I think the players felt it hard to keep the creatures alive as they get killed so easily. I did not win though but I had some fun. I think the rest had fun as well.
I wonder how we can improve on this though. I'll try to give it a few more goes before I decide if the hype is really just hype.
There are 2 sets of expansion (I already have one) and well all those new dice sure make it attractive to just buy them and keep them. Especially if the new expansion has nice trays to keep the dice.

Initial impressions: Average

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