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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

GENCON 2012 - Day 4

Last day! Sunday! Sob sob....
HEAP - Fun little game with great art. I bought
the bundle immediately which came with
Infernal Contraption Version 2. I think I
will break this out this coming thursday
for a game night with Wifey's friends :)
GREED - A stock market card game. All done
in cards. I did not get a demo in so not too
sure how it goes.
DR WHO CARD GAME - Seems a rather light card game. I
do not follow the show so not too sure thematically if it clicks
but I am probably not going to get it.
AWESOME Portal gun on sale! USD350! It lights up!!!
Last day sales. Yes its true, there ARE last day
sales at various booths. Not a LOT of booths
do but at least half do have.
GOT EM! Not a bad little abstract game that
plays up to 4 and has 2 different variants of
the game. Can be self produced though.
3012 - Latest deck building game from Cryptozoic. Feels
like a better game than Thunderstone. Plays up to 4. Box has
a lot of space though probably for future expansions. I woud
like to try this again and see how it goes!
REALLY SMALL Metal dice! So cute. There
are really a LOT of dice! So tempted to just
go wild and buy ahhahaha
Big foam dice! 
Nice metallic and hefty dungeon coins!
Eagle games were having sales too
Wooden staches for sale! Love the pose.
CRUDE - From stronghold games. Lotsa plastic components.
ARTICLE 27 - From stronghold games. Can't
say I like the art though.
Asmodee was having sales as well!
components. Sat through the rules explanation
but did not continue the demo. Seems
light-medium to me.
BATTLE BEYOND SPACE - Did not try this
demo but PINK space ships! Cool ahhaha
TOKAIDO - demo that I finally tracked down. Component quality
seems a bit weak. But the artwork looks really nice and light.
For the younger gamers amongst us!
They were selling these which are rubber
dragons that you can wrap around your wrists
as decorative pieces.
Oooo decorated Portal toys!
A lot of Village still in stock! I am surprised
that this was not snapped up fast as its a really
good game!
Catan folding table for USD180. Pity I am not a Catan
fanatic :P
Awesome painting and model!
so at this time, the convention is officially closed as people start to mill out from the halls and head back to the hotels. What i love was that people were still playing at the hotel lobbies and various areas in the hotel! Its like we did not want the convention to end! So I manage to get a few more games in and several pictures.
Some more gaming before our final dinner together!
Lots of zombies were killed by our driving!
Fun game. There might still be a few rules
we had wrong but still very fun to play.
X-WING - After watching this game being
played and looking at the models up close,
this has become a must buy for me. Pity
its not yet available online for me to order
so I will just have to get it back in Singapore.
FLOWERFALL - Guess there's more to this
than meets the eye as they seem to be
having a LOT of fun!
MAGE WARS - Seems like a boardgame version
of the MTG game that involves moving your
creatures around and trying to kill the
other player's character.
A game of Level 7 ongoing. The RPGers that were playing this
were playing boardgames for the first time. It seems rather
hard for the players to escape. Hope someone in our group gets it
So all in all an awesome experience for me. Its so enlightening and rewarding to be able to just geekout (thanks to the wifey for letting me do so!) and meet so many people you have been hearing in your head for so long now. I certainly encourage boardgamers to try to at least come to GENCON once in their lifetimes. I sure hope I will be able to come back again next year. Next up? I hope to go Essen once and see what the differences are. Then, depending on my possible future arrangements, the other conventions all over in USA.

Thanks to all that have made this an exciting experience for me especially all the podcasters, game designers and video reviewers that I have met.


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