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Friday, September 7, 2012

New Loot

And in a blink of an eye, my New York trip is coming to an end. The loot that I am bringing back with me from New York and Gencon are:

Cuba - Big discount from GENCON
Agricola: All creatures big and small - This was an order that I made before GENCON
Morels (with the extra pans and sticks) - This was an order that I made before GENCON
Android: Netrunner - This I bought from Compleat Strategist when I it was just being unboxed this week. Expensive though but I could not wait for the online stores to have it delivered to me.
Libertalia - I am a sucker for shiny bits so when Asmodee was offering the free coins with every purchase, I jumped at it even though I have never heard of it or played it.
Infernal Contraption - This was part of the package I bought HEAP with. Haven't tried this yet though. Seems fun from the demo.
Heap - This I demoed with and had fun so I decided to buy the package.
Empire Express - I had a hard time deciding what to buy with the 50% Mayfair voucher that I had gotten, being a Defender of Catan (ribbons!). I had to also contend with limited luggage space. Finally, since I have heard so much of this crayon game and tried the demo, I decided to get this and see how it goes back with my gaming groups.
Urbania - This instantly leaped at me when I saw the demo. Very pretty art and good components. After trying the demo it became a must buy for me.
God Dice - This was the prize for being in the final round of the God Dice Tournament. A filler game and it was fun playing in the tournament with the designer. Lets see how it will hold out back with my gaming groups.

So as you can guess, my luggage is pretty much full of boxes. I wonder how the xray machines at the airport will show all the bits and whether it will confuse the customs officers :P
Now my new loot doesn't just stop there. I had ordered a batch of games from a german site and it has arrived (shipping is way cheap but that is because it is arriving via boat which takes about 1 month).
Stuff I ordered are:

Dominant Species (3rd Edition) - I had a lot of fun the last time I played this but never pulled the trigger because of the game length and my gaming group already had a copy. Since the 3rd edition had better art and all, I decided to get it and would want to intro this to the other gaming groups.
Navegador - I only played this once with my gaming group and it never appeared again. I did have fun and the rondel was cool and wanted to get it out again. So i decided to get my own copy.
Biblios - Very fun light game and I wanted it as a good game to play during the lunch hour in office.
Olympos Expansion - Olympos was quite fun and I wanted to see how the expansion adds to the game.
Strasbourg - New hotness. I do not know much about it but I think it will fit into my gaming groups well.
Kakerlakenpoker - Very very very fun game and I had to have my own copy.
Milestones - After watching the videos and all I knew this game will be fun for the group. I played this at GENCON and yup, it will be a fun game for my groups.
Farmerama - I have heard quite a bit of this from one of the podcasts I listen to so I wanted to give it a go. But i will need to print out the english rules to be able to play the game. Personal Rondels! so cool :P

So that's a lot of new loot for me to go through. That is not counting the 2 must gets for me which is Seasons and X-wing miniatures game. I may get Leviathan but I think I should give my wallet a break for now.
Time to trim down my collection!

Oh i will head down to Compleat Strategist later on to see if there are any new games that may have arrived this week after the Labour day holidays.

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