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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Weekend Gaming: 13 May 2012

I am kinda abstaining from too much boardgaming until the end of June because I am preparing for an exam. So I am scheduling at most 1 weekend session for boardgaming. Been waiting for today and here are the games we played:

Martian Dice
We started off with this while waiting for the others to arrive. Its a simple, push your luck dice game and we will be introducing this in an upcoming Singles event at the library so I needed to learn how to play so as to facilitate on that day. During the game you roll specially made dice with Chicken, Human, Cow, Tank and Space ship faces on them. During each roll, you can choose 1 type of dice to keep. Tanks are automatically kept after each roll. At the end when you have no more dice to roll OR you cannot roll anymore, you check to see if you have more tanks than space ships. If you do, then you lose that round and the next player continues. Otherwise you score points. The first to reach 25 points wins the game. It is definitely a filler/warm up type of game. Lets see how this plays during that night.

Very fun game. I have been praising this game every time I played it and this time manage to bring it out again. We generally agreed that this is a very fun game with a lot of mechanics. The designers though try to tie down a theme with it and even added historical fluff to the manual and game components. But the theme is quite loose in the game. Nevertheless, the mechanisms and the colorful presentation makes this a very fun game and not dull or too abstracted for us to enjoy it. I heartily encourage you to give this a go if you have not tried it!

Railways of the World (Eastern US map)
Our epic game of the night. 5 of us took about 4 hours to play. That is because we played quite strategically and there were a lot of upgrading of the cities done. In addition, we were all very engrossed in building tracks to try to score the major lines and did not always transport a lot of goods. If you notice in the map, Red was trying to connect from New York to Kansas City and 3 of us were trying our best to block. We manage to delay him for about 3 turns but in the end he manage to get the jump on us. This blocking action manage to give the Yellow play an advantage as you can see and he got up to the Level 8 locomotive and was able to score a couple of 8 point deliveries. That and coupled with the Railroad baron card he had, Yellow won the game easily. Epic game and very fun. Cannot wait to try the Mexico map next!

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