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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Labour/May day gaming: 1st May 2012

Chateau Roquefort + Cheesy Gonzola

So many holes and so many mice falling into them
Again I really like this game if you haven't figured out by now :) I always get very good responses when I first teach the game and then show them the components and especially the Shoving part. Everyone will go "Wow" and will get a kick out of playing this game. Tomorrow I will be teaching my colleagues in office and I am pretty sure they will enjoy the game. This time though we were quite cut throat and 4 of the players already had at least 1 mouse "trapped" halfway through the game. If you haven't gotten this yet, please do yourself a favor and GO GET IT!

Hab & Gut
Wow people are certainly drinking their tea!

I got the wrong stocks during the game and had not much control during the game thus I ended up donating the most to charity. Luckily my final tally was not too far from the amount i donated so phew! :) Still quite a good game for its simple mechanics.

Fearsome Floors
OMG the monster is coming! Run for it!
Quite a good game for a lot of players as spaces are limited and thus everyone have to make the best of their positioning to either attract the monster or position themselves just behind the monster. Proved to be a very interesting game but hard to make the leader lose their lead or catch up to the leader. We have not played in such a way where we are always manipulating the monster to catch the leader. Perhaps next game I will encourage people to do so... but still its meant to be a light filler so lets not overthink it :)

Railways of the World
I need a way way bigger table for everything
I finally pulled the trigger and got my first serious train game (k its not 18xx but i think its a step in the right direction) and managed to get 6 players today. The experience was excellent! We got through the rules pretty intact and manage to finish the game in about 3 hours or so. I did not win but I was proud that I kept my bond count to only 4 (lowest! :P) and was 3rd in the end. The game needs a LOT of space though and a very stable playing surface as a jolt to the table almost disrupted the game. The random placement of the cubes right at the beginning can really determine how the game play will be like right from the start. We all agreed that we all had fun and some even wanted to try it again. Really great experience. I am wondering which maps next to try. Suggestions anyone?

Initial Impression: Good

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