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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dicetower Showdown!

So I'm listening to the dicetower's latest podcast and I am very excited for their new podcast "Showdown" where 2 people will talk about a boardgame and they will take opposite sides (like and dislike) and then debate about it. At the end, there will be a poll for dicetower listeners to vote on whom they feel brought forth their arguments best. Tom mentioned that he will appear in some of these sessions or otherwise be moderating it. I want to be on it! There are some reviews of Tom which I disagree in and it will be interesting to bring my point of view across and see what Tom thinks.

For example, from his Top 100 last year:
Dungeon Run - This totally bombed for my group to play and I am interested to debate on a few points which Tom finds that makes this such a good game.
Cutthroat Caverns - Also a game that is quite raved about but our group did not enjoy this.

Tom, if you are reading this and if I may make a suggestion, perhaps you can suggest a game for each episode and gather people from both sides with a few key points they want to bring across and then pick among them those 2 that will best represent each side and then bring them in on the episode. It should be interesting to listen to :)

Tom is also doing his 3rd great cull of games and if you are interested, you can find the list of games available here. If you are interested, send him an email and all purchases will go into helping to fund the dicetower which I feel is certainly one of the top entertaining podcasts to listen to.

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